Joseph Suder (1892-1980) acted most of his lifetime as a composer in Munich. He belonged to the generation of people, whose lives and existence were drastically changed by the two world wars and it’s consequences.

The musical changes during the 20th century were contrasting his aesthetic attitude, which he was continuously holding on to despite of new developing trends. His music is affected by a creative intuition and delivers its very own message through a tonality-oriented language. Nevertheless rational composition techniques play a major role and an architectonic composition of his opus has always been an important goal of Suder’s compositional work. About this Franzpeter Messmer writes: “Now it is essential to rediscover a music of our century that is also “modern”, meaning that it assimilated with the feeling and thinking of our time and that it was composed out of the experience of the modern world. The works of Joseph Suder, whose intensity, complexity and bold formal construction are still unknown and whose qualities are not yet honored, belong to this kind of music. Nowadays, when composers are dealing with tradition again, his work is starting to attract interest and sympathy, which he as a matter of fact could not experience any more. “ The audience has never stopped being fascinated by the work of Joseph Suder.